The mission for the future

From Boutique to Brand

Rindi was born from an idea of Edo Rindi: a Tuscan entrepreneur who believed in a dream and turned it into reality.

The brand is known worldwide, but the new mission is to create the Brand Word Rindi.

Rindi is much more than a fur coat, a garment.

It is the Italian history coming true; it is the ability to see beyond while not forgetting one’s roots.

It is a lifestyle: it is luxury, elegance, self-confidence, class, and exclusivity. Rindi is not for everyone, it is for those who know how to stand out.

Towards new frontiers

The Rindi collections are enriched with new garments and accessories.

New garments, together with new furs, contribute to tell the Rindi universe to which every classy woman wants to belong.

While walking in the city or during your vacations, to wear a Rindi garment will make you feel unique and exclusive. The gaze on you of men and women, of artists, entrepreneurs, and classy people, will fill you with pride and make you feel special, which is what you deserve.

This is why Rindi makes the difference.

The planet, the world, the environment

Rindi has always been sensitive to environmental issues.

Since the first productions, it has limited the environmental impact in the creation of its furs.

Monica and Brunello, owners of the company, are committed to contemporary themes such as environmental protection and focus on consumption.

Rindi garments, in fact, are designed to last a long time, remembering that fur, the core business of the Tuscan company, is a natural biodegradable and easily recyclable product.


In a standardized world, only those who know how to stand out will make a difference.

This is why Rindi is close to its customers and knows how to give the women who wear its garments those special features that will make them unique: the detail of a button, the cut of a sleeve, the fabric of a scarf, but above all the belonging to the Rindi world.

Exclusivity, luxury, initiative, elegance, contemporaneity, and aesthetics: these are the values of the Rindi Woman.

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